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About Us strives to be a platform to facilitate a transparent, recruitment connection of seafarers from around the world with ship owning companies and/or their HR managers.

This platform though world-wide and abundantly rich in information, is concise and to the point, particularly because it is segregated or categorized country-wise in so far as sea-farers’ (prospective employees’) nationality goes. Example: A shipping company (ship owner or management) may be based in Norway but advertises for personnel from Norway, UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland, India and Hong Kong.

Shipping companies recruiting from multiple countries for the same vacancy will need to fill in the data only once as their advertisement allows for showing multiple nationalities.

We make every effort to allot maximum space to each shipping company and each advertiser will have a full page with many panes. For the initial stages, seafarers may post, free of charge, their resume and allied information such as date of availability and expected date for repatriation.

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