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Terms & Conditions strives to be a platform to facilitate a transparent, recruitment connection of seafarers from around the world with ship owning companies and/or their HR managers., its owners and affiliates cannot guarantee the veracity or genuineness of the content of the posts made on this site even if an infringement is brought to the notice of the site’s webmaster. The site administrator will, however, endeavour to check the genuineness of any complaint and if a blatant violation is detected, the post(s) of the violator(s) will be removed without a refund and banned from making further posts to the system.

All users of are expected to respect the privacy and confidentiality of the other submitters and to limit the use of this site to facilitate a connection of seafarers around the world with Shipping companies and/or their HR managers in so far as recruiting goes and no further.

Individual seafarers may not log in from more than one country unless they actually desire to be recruited from more than one country and are legally entitled to do so. is hosted on secure servers with a daily back up of data but cannot accept any responsibility for loss of data on the host servers for whatever reason. We make every effort to allot maximum space to each shipping company and each advertiser will have a full page with many panes also hosts links to Training Institutes and firms providing legal assistance. The same terms apply to these links – it is the responsibility of the visitor to check the genuineness of the data posted by those entities on

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